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Hey guys,
I really hate that I'm doing this, but this blog is going bye bye. It's been so long since I've last updated and I really just hate where I went with the plot, so I'm starting over.

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A wee, lil' update

Hello, my lovelies. I hope you're all doing just dandy as it's been a while since I posted. 

Unfortunately, this is not a new post. I'm hoping to get it out by next weekend, but I make absolutely no promises as I have a rigorous school schedule this year that makes me want to bash my head into a  wall when I'm not sleeping or at the fall play rehearsals after school. 

The good thing is, I haven't jumped off of a nearby building yet and I intend to keep it that way. This schedule is really kicking me in the butt and I apologize for not being able to supply y'all with free entertainment. ;)

Anywhozers, a new post is coming soon, I promise. I'm starting to learn how to actually manage my time this year (Yeah, that's the only good thing about this schedule, the rest sucks monkey balls). Speaking of managing time, I should get going because I have to do some history tonight and some tomorrow morning despite the fact that it's late start. The plus side? I'll be all caught up, however I don't get to sleep on on my mother fluffing late-start Tuesday. >.>

But yeah, farewell for now my loyal companions. Now if you'd excuse me, I have a history book to read. 

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Generation 1 Chapter 3- Carry On

“Laura, get your butt out of bed!”

“Sooooooooppphhhhhiiiiieeeee… Stop yelling at me,” I mumbled as I turned away from her.

“I’m not… Sheesh, how hung-over are you, woman?”

I glared at her. “You don’t even know.”

The fierce pounding in my head was evidence of how stupid I was last night. I barely even remember what got me so upset that I felt like I had to drink so much. “Oh… I have an idea… You see, I hope you don’t mind, but I kind of stayed here last night because a certain someone was blowing chunks and I held your hair back.”

I sat up slowly and dared to look at her. “I appreciate that. Thank you so much. I would offer to cook breakfast, but I’m too disoriented to even crack an egg right now, so can we break out the cereal?”

“Honey, I wouldn’t expect anything more right now to be completely honest.”

“I have a quick question though…”


“How did I get into my pajamas last night?”

She let out a small laugh and shook her head. “You refused to go to sleep in ‘clothes that were tainted by douche bag.’”

“But Blake didn’t even touch me yesterday.”

“Hm, that’s odd, but whatever. And I’m pretty sure that I didn’t allow you to get slutty drunk last night, so nothing happened at the bar.”

“Well that’s a relief. Thanks for that.”

“I did let you dance on the counter though… Don’t worry; I got you down before you started stripping.”

“You’re a good friend, Sophie? I feel like I never tell you that, but it’s the truth.”

“Aw shucks, you’re a good friend too, my little hooker,” She said as she flopped on the bed and gave me a noogie.

“Thanks for that… Like my hair didn’t look terrible already. Now it’s even more messed up.”

“You’re welcome; now let’s go shove cereal into our faces. And while you were snoozing I looked up Mike’s concert stuff. He’s performing tonight at some place that I forgot the name of.”

“Well that’s helpful… What time?” I asked as I got out of my plush bed.

 “Eight o’ clock, but I heard he’s rehearsing before hand so we can bribe him before—“

I cut her off. “Sophie, it’s more likely a closed practice. We would be better off sneaking over to his… Whatever he’s staying at while he’s here.”

“He’ll be at the Bridgeport Inn from noon to five.”

“What the hell, Sophie? Did you look up his entire itinerary?”

“You’d be surprised on what you can find on the internet,” She said with a small nod.

“You’re unbelievable… What time is it now?”

“Eleven thirty.”

“You let me sleep until eleven thirty?”

“Well you weren’t getting up at anytime before eleven thirty, so yes, I did in fact let you sleep until almost noon. And after we’re done eating we shall get dressed and ready to stalk your ex.”

“You have clothes?”

“Yeah, I made a small stop at my house before we came over here. Now stop asking questions and eat, you mad woman.”

We were done with breakfast in about fifteen minutes and headed upstairs to get ready to go. Sophie made me wear something that showed off my butt for Mike. (As much as I said no, she insisted.) Then we had Sophie in her typical Sophie-esque clothing. You know, red, typically a dress or skirt; same old business there.

“Alright Laura,” Sophie said as she grabbed my shoulders. “When we get there we will meet up with that gay guy I liked and his boyfriend. From there the three of us will create a diversion while you get in the room. Got it?”

“Okay, yeah, but how am I supposed to get in?”

“Some dude who will probably never get a chick was working at the front desk. I told him if he gave me a key to Mike’s room that I would… Well, actually, you don’t need to know the details. The point is that I love you and I got you this key so that you could race to your true love, so here,” She said as she rustled in her pocket, pulled out the small, plastic card, and gave it to me.

“Oh my god… You would do that,” I muttered as I stared down at it.

“All in a day’s work,” She said as we walked down the street to the Bridgeport Inn. My apartment was fairly close to the hotel itself, so we decided not to spend money on a cab and just walk.

We were at the actual hotel in a few minutes and stood outside to wait for the guys to come. They were there a couple of minutes later and my jaw dropped as soon as I saw one of them. “Brendan? Is that you?”

“Why yes it is,” He said perkily. “I was hoping you were the friend Sophie needed to get to Mike. Then again, I wouldn’t know who else it would be.”

I laughed and hugged him. “I haven’t seen you since I ended my baby challenge. How are you?”

“I’m great! This here,” He said putting his hand on his boyfriend’s back. “Is my significant other, Anthony. How have you been?”

“Hey there Anthony,” I said. “I’ve been alright. What’s our plan of attack?”

“Anthony is going to pretend to pass out, we’ll call for help and meanwhile, you’ll pop out from the other corner and get in while the bodyguard is distracted,” Sophie said.

“Sounds good, but should I call or something when I’m in?” I asked.

“Yes, I will put my phone on vibrate and when I feel it I’ll nudge Anthony and he’ll be miraculously better,” Brendan said.

“Fabulous, so shall we head in there?”

“We shall,” Sophie said as she looped her arm through mine.

We went inside and headed up the stairs. I made my way past the scary looking body guard and around the corner. He glared at me as I walked past and it was a bit creepy. Just as I turned the corner I heard Sophie yelling. “Somebody help! My friend just fainted and I don’t know what to do.”

I hesitantly peeked around my corner and watched as the body guard hesitantly left his post. Dang, that was surprisingly easy… Once I heard him questioning Sophie and Brendan I ran to the door and slipped the piece of plastic in only to sneak through the door.

Mike was wearing only his underwear and searching through the dresser that was in the room for something. I didn’t know if I should say hi, or wait for him to notice me.

To be completely honest, I had put very little thought into the whole thing. I had no clue what to do or say when I even got in the room, I only knew how I was getting in.

Luckily the door shut with an audible click which made him jump and turn around. “Calm your mini man titties, it’s only me. I’ve seen you in far less.”

He let out a sigh of relief. “Good to know, but just wondering, how did you even get past Sergio?”

“Oh, that’s his name?” I asked. “Well, anywhozers, it’s a long story that I would be willing to tell after I call some friends to let them know that I’m in.”

“Fine by me,” He laughed. “I’ll be changing in the meantime. Make yourself cozy.”

“Will do.” I whipped my phone out and sat on the bed, scrolling through my contacts to find Brendan. Since his name started with a B, it didn’t take long and I let the ringing come to a complete stop before I hung up to be safe.

Mike was out a bit later and sat cross legged across from me on the floor. “So, I’m anxious to hear that story about how you got in.

I giggled and shook my head. “Well, I walked past Sergio and around the corner and then some friends distracted Sergio so I could get in here.”

“How did you get the key?”

I widened my eyes. “You know that one nerdy guy at the front desk?”

“Yeah…” He muttered while eying me warily.

“My friend, Sophie uh… You honestly don’t even want to know.”

 “Wow… That’s a good friend you have there. Why exactly did you decide to come here though?”

“I uh… Need to tell you something…” I mumbled softly.

“What is it? Don’t be nervous, you can tell me anything.”

“I…” This is the moment I had anticipated for the longest time. I played through situations in my head multiple times before I even knew Mike was here and they were perfect, but now that it was time to actually say the words that had been on my mind for years, I couldn’t do it.

He stood up and walked towards me, taking my hands in his and kneeling down in front of me. “It’s okay, lo—,“ He stopped suddenly. “Laura… My opinion of you won’t change no matter what you say.”

I took a deep breath. It was now or never. “Mike, I was an idiot. I shouldn’t have flipped out like that because I was jealous of Nellie. None of that even matters, nor does it make sense to me now,” I paused and took another deep breath only to get a reassuring squeeze on one of my hands from Mike. “I love you. I need you in my life some how. I don’t care if you don’t feel the same way. Hell, I’d understand if you didn’t. Just please, if you don’t feel the same way at least say that we can stay friends because these two years haven’t been the same without you there.”

He guided our hands up to my face and gently wiped the tears that I didn’t even know were falling. Wordlessly, he let go of my hands and cupped my face with his. I gently got off of the bed so that he wasn’t reaching so far. He rested his forehead against mine and closed his eyes. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to hear those words come out of your mouth again. I love you too,” He said, his lips gently brushing against mine.


“Laaaaaauuuuuurrrraaaa,” My friend muttered in my ear. “Wake up! You have a hot date today.”

I rubbed my eyes and blinked rapidly. “With Mike?”

She looked at me in confusion. “No dear, with Blake. Remember, you scheduled this a few days ago. Sheesh… Having some odd dreams there?”

I groaned. “Yes. Unless I scheduled a second date…”

“Nope,” She chirped excitedly. “Any date you went on was in a dream.”

I sighed and rolled out of bed, eying the computer. Sophie followed my gaze briefly and raised an eyebrow. “Is there any particular reason why you’re gazing at your computer?

“I need to check something really quick,” I muttered as I stumbled tiredly to my computer.

Sophie stared at me in concern. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Fine.” After waiting for my terribly slow computer to boot up, I went to Google and typed in Michael Blake Performances. I had a small glimmer of hope that Mike could really be in Bridgeport right now. Maybe I heard something prior to the dream and subconsciously remembered it. Sure, it was a long shot, but it’s worth a try.

Without paying much attention to them, I clicked on one of the options. Whatever I clicked wasn’t of concert dates, but rather an article from a couple of days ago with the title, “Michael Blake Seen with New Girl.”

I know that I should’ve just gone back to find what I was actually looking for, but I couldn’t help but read the article.

The new chick’s name was Allison Hills. She had short, choppy, teal hair that went a little past her chin and was apparently a famous actress who had won a few awards. In the few pictures that had been posted, they were doing the typical happy celebrity actions such as holding hands and acting derpy.

I quickly closed the window and spun around. Mike had obviously moved on, so I should move on too. I would go on this date today and have fun and everything would be alright.

Everything would be just fine.


Thanks for read everyone! I hope you enjoyed this chapter. :)

Sorry all of my posts have been so short lately. I'm just trying to post what I can with AP classes and Drama Club and chores. Blech... There's just so much stuff to do! But I am working on posts in school. (During algebra specifically. ;D) That's how I got this one done. 

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Generation 1 Chapter 2- May I kindly escape? Or blatantly lie about kooky emotions?


I glared at her. "It's really nothing special, Sophie. I'm just calling the guy," I paused. "Who wanted to sleep with me the first night I met him. Why am I doing this again?"

"Calm down, chica, he just thinks you're a hot piece of ass. Which you are... BAZINGA!" With that she gave my butt a hard slap and I cringed. "Anyways, you're doing this because you love me, that's why."

I sighed and stared at the phone. "I really need to stop and think about the people I love then."

"Ouch," She said as she brought her hand to her heart as if she was hurt. "That one stung, Johanson."

The more that we talked, the more nervous I got, so I just hit the call button on a whim and that prompted more fangirling from Sophie. "Sophie, shut up," I hissed.

"Hello?" The  man on the other end answered.

"Oh, uh, hi Blake, it's Laura." Smooth, very smooth.

Sophie began wondering around the apartment stroking leaves on the fake tree and doing other weird things like wiggling doorknobs. I shook my head and looked the other way. Sometimes that girl just confused me.

"So," Blake said. "You are interested... I knew you'd come crawling eventually."

"Yeah," I muttered. I would have to remember to kill Sophie later. This guy was a piece of work.

"How about I take you out Friday at five? I'll pick you up."

"Sure, why not?" I said through gritted teeth. Some how this guy was already getting under my skin and I barely even knew him.

"Sounds good! See you in a couple of days." With that, both of us hung up and I sighed as I tossed my phone onto the couch. I should be happy... I have a date. The problem is that I really don't like the guy that much. Oh well. Trial and error, I guess. I may as well just see how it goes.

I walked over to where I saw the only splash of red in the place and stared at Sophie. "Are you eating my leftover French toast?"

She looked up at me with guilty eyes. "Maybe... Hey, I was hungry! And I thought it would take longer and you wouldn't even notice and-"

I laughed. "It's okay, I really don't even care."

"So what's the verdict?" She asked.

"I have a date in a couple of days and to be honest I really don't want to go, but I will anyways because that would be a bitch move to stand him up."

"As long as you don't lead the poor man on," She said as she got up to put her plate in the dishwasher. "That would also be a bitch move."

"Ugh... I know... There are so many things that could be bitchy on my end, aren't there? Gawsh, well, I'll see how it goes and if I don't like it then I won't see him again. Plain and simple."

"Sounds like a plan!"

"Gosh... I really can't believe I actually pressured you to call a guy."

"Oh shush," I muttered. "Now off to more important matters, I really don't even know what to wear to this thing. I think I forgot how to go on a date."

Sophie gave me a blank stare. "Really?" I nodded and she shook her head slowly. "Okay, we're finding you an outfit tonight since I have that thing called family coming over during the day on Friday and tomorrow I have to see a publisher."

"Oooh, look at you... Becoming a big, fancy author. Why don't you spend the night tonight too? We can watch bad horror films on Netflix and eat ice cream while crying about all of our problems in life."

"I like the sound of that."

That night, as promised, Sophie put together the perfect date outfit and we did in fact watch bad horror movies and cry about our problems.

Mine consisted of me crying about how Charlie was sending me emails and thoroughly creeping me out. Of course I showed Sophie said emails which resulted in her replying to Charlie to give him a piece of her mind. She pretty much told him that if he even looked at a picture of me she would cut off his head and hang it above her bed. Which is creepy, but I appreciate it. Although personally, I would rather not change with him staring at me from the wall.

Sophie was upset because the man she had liked for a long time now turned out to be gay and she would never get a piece of him. At least she's still his friend, but she's still discouraged about the whole thing and insists that she'll never get a man. I told her that she could take Blake since it would be no terrible loss, but she isn't interested.


The night ended with up getting sleeping bags out of a small storage area within my apartment and sleeping out on the deck. Yes, it's weird, but it's tradition, so we aren't breaking it now.

I woke up a bit early the next morning to make some Eggs Machiavellian before Sophie left. May as well send her off with a good breakfast in her stomach. Breakfast makes everything so much better.

Not going to lie, the rest of the day was actually a lazy day and I spent a lot of it painting some Sailor Moon character who's name I didn't even remember. Heck, I don't even know how I remembered this character existed.

Before I knew it, it was four o' clock the next day and I was getting ready for my first date in a loooong time. As expected, he was over at five and I was in his car going off to wherever it was that he was taking me. We drove around the city until we got to some weird looking dome thing that looked like it had some sort of park inside. "Where are we?" I asked.

"You've never been here?" He asked as he glanced at me. I shook my head and he chuckled. "This is Butterfly Esplanade and it's basically one of the few nice places in Bridgeport. Unless you cross over to the snooty side, but well, they have nothing but big, fancy houses there."

As the name suggested, the big dome was filled with butterflies as well as other forms of wildlife like birds and turtles. I think I saw a few chipmunks too, but I don't remember. I smiled as a light blue butterfly landed on my finger. "Blake, this is amazing... How did you even know about this place?"

"It's actually one of the more famous places here in Bridgeport. Everybody loves butterflies and I've heard about it from a few different people."

"Hm," I murmured. "I guess I just don't know the right people then."

I think Blake was about to say something else, but I heard another familiar voice coming from behind me before I could speak. "Laura? Is that you?"

I turned around and gasped in surprise. "Hey there, Mike..." Well this is awkward. I meet up with my ex while I'm on a date with somebody else. This kind of thing would happen to me. "What brings you to Bridgeport?"

"I'm here for a few days because I'm on tour and I wanted to explore the city a little bit. How have you been doing?" He asked. 

"Oh, that's cool. I'm alright.. You know, getting harassed by my step-brother, same old business. Er... How have you been?"

"Good, good, Nellie finally found somebody new to stalk so I'm free now. Charlie's been bothering you again? That guy needs to get a job... Or counselling... Or something to keep him occupied."

I froze; Nellie was gone? When in the world did this happen and why wasn't I informed of it? Oh wait... I'm the ex. Why would I be informed of it? Wait, why does it even matter? That ship has already sailed and any feelings I had for Mike were gone now.

Or at least I thought so.

I quickly composed myself and let out a quick reply. "Oh, that's great... Yeah, Charlie's a creep, but he's in Sunset Valley, so I'm not really concerned about what he wants to do right now."

"Very true."

I looked over at Blake. "I'm um... Actually on a date right now, so we should be going, right Blake?"

"Hm, yeah, sure," He said as he shooed a butterfly away.

I sighed. This guy wanted to go on a date with me, but now he suddenly wasn't interested. This is why I hate men. With that, Blake turned around and left. I didn't mean to go home... "What just happened?" I muttered as I rubbed my head.

"Wow... He's a jerk," Mike said. "He didn't even offer to drive you home."

"Not to mention it was a fifteen minute date," I said.

"I hate to say this, as I was enjoying playing catch up, but I actually need to head out now too. I can drive you somewhere if you need me to."

I sighed. "Don't even bother. I don't even know where I'm going right now. I kind of need to call a friend and then I'll get a taxi to take me where ever I go."

He looked at me with sad eyes. "Okay, well, hopefully I'll see you before I leave."

"Yep," I muttered as I watched him walk away.

How did I end up in the same place as Mike while on a date? What are the odds? All I want in life is to move on and be happy, but I really can't do that if the past keeps coming back.

And then Blake must think I'm a terrible person for talking to Mike so much. Good lord... If anything could go wrong on a first date...

I sighed and whipped out my phone to call Sophie. She of course answered on the first ring. "What's up, buttercup?" Need me to pick up the morning after pill or something?"

"Oh hell no... Is your family still over?"

"Nope, why?"

"Meet me at Eugi's."

"O-kay? What's up?"

"I'll tell you when we get there."

Eugi's was that bar that you went to when you were just frustrated with life. It wasn't a sports bar or anything fancy, just a bar. Unfortunately, it took a while for Sophie to get there and by the time that she was I had already finished my second drink. Don't judge me, okay? I just had a slightly stressful experience.

We sat down at some table in a corner and Sophie stared at me. "Okay, spill the beans."

"I... Saw Mike on the date and it brought back so many feelings that I didn't even know I still had and I don't want to love him, I really don't and I'm pretty sure Blake was offended. I mean, who wouldn't be, right? And Mike will be gone again in a few days and I just don't know what to do anymore."

"Okay, take a deep breath and relax. You said Mike was here?" I nodded. "Do you know where he's staying?"


"Do you know why he's here?"

"On tour..."

"Okay, we're going to be fangirls here and find him again, okay? I'm sure there's some angst ridden teenager out there who knows his exact location and boxer size."

"He wears briefs..."

"Okay, like it matters. His underwear is not out main focus right now. We are going to find this man and you are going to talk to him or do whatever you need to do to make you less of a wreck. To be honest, this is kind of a sad sight and I've never seen you drink so much in such a short amount of time."

I looked down at my nearly empty glass and glanced up at her. "Yeeeaaahhhh... This probably isn't good for me. Sorry about that..."

She laughed. "It's fine, just don''t let it happen again."

Alright, well, this chapter is all done. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you so much for reading! Mike fans are probably going crazy right now, and I can understand why. So yeah... Toodles then.

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Generation 1 Chapter 1- Life is short... Let's party!

It’s been three years since I last had a kid; since I ended my challenge.

Life is different to say the least. After ending my one hundred baby challenge, both of my parents were remarried, but I haven’t talked to them for at least two years. I stayed in Sunset Valley the first year with thoughts of possibly moving to Starlight Shores to live with Mike. Things changed when I broke up with him one night. Nellie kept rubbing me the wrong way and at that point I was ready to move on and be done with the whole thing. I didn’t need to deal with her and all of her antics.

That’s how I ended up here in Bridgeport of all places. I’m able to live comfortably due to my savings, but I’m making a living by painting. It was a bit of a lonely life, but I have Tariq and Glowy with me still (After growing up, Wendy decided to take Mocha) and I was able to meet some new friends.

Somebody stepped out of the back door and I glanced back to see my good friend, Sophie. We had met the day that I moved here and we've been friends ever since. "You might want to leave your doors locked... Some creep could come in."

"Mmm... Too late," I muttered.

 "Oh yeah, you got that right, chica," She said while checking me out. "Now let's head up to that bedroom of yours. Eh, eh?"

I laughed and set down my painting stuff. "Eh... No thanks. I'm not exactly in to that type of thing."

"Damn, well, okay then. Your loss."

 I walked over and hugged her. "You're insane, you know that right?"

"Yes I do, and I forgot my dress for tonight. Can I borrow one?"

"Of course. We're pretty much the same size anyways, so knock yourself out."

She let out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness. I was afraid that I was going to have to go to the club in the nude.

Sophie and I went clubbing at least once a week. We figured that if the clubs were there we may as well go to them. Added to that, life in Bridgeport got boring every now and again. Going out just spices things up a bit.

 Sophie dragged me up the stairs to my room and opened up my dresser. As usual, dresses were flying around the room. "You're so messy," I sighed. "You better clean this all up.

"Oh, you shush. If it weren't for me you would go clubbing in a moo-moo or something."

According to Sophie, I always covered up too much when we went out. I never thought it was an issue, but apparently it was.

I crossed my arms. "I would not! I don't even own a moo-moo."

"You will some day," She muttered.

"Will not!"

"Oh you so will, now go be a doll and put this dress on. Take your hair out of the fish tail while you're at it."

"Oh my gosh... so bossy. Remind me why I hang out with you again? "

"Because you love me, now do what I say."

I stuck my tongue out at her and did as I was told. One thing about Sophie was that she didn't mess around. When she told you to do something you did it.

I learned this the hard way the first time it happened. She threatened to chain me to a chair and do everything herself. Of course I agreed. I'm dumb, but I'm not stupid.

 After a half an hour of getting ready, we made our way to The Grind and started to dance, seeing as how they had no bartender on duty. "How am I supposed to party when I can't get my drink on?!?" Sophie asked.

I laughed. "I think you'll survive."

"I don't know," She muttered as she started dancing. "It may be a bit difficult."

"Oh, deal with it, ho."

She laughed and winked. "You know it. Oh, and by the way, hottie at five o' clock. I think he's eyeing you, so I'll be going."

I rolled my eyes at her as she walked away. She was insistent on me finding a boyfriend when I really didn't want one. I'm perfectly fine with being single, thank you very much.

 About five seconds later, a man with light green hair came up and introduced himself as Blake. Blake Valentine. I resisted the urge to laugh at his last name and sat with him on the couch hesitantly. We talked about pretty much anything that popped into our heads until he suddenly got up. "I actually have to get home soon, if you want you can come along." He winked at me as I also got up.

"Nope, not interested in a one night stand. Sorry, but I'm not that type of girl."

"Hmm, then how about you give me your number and I'll call you?"

I thought about it for a second, "Hmm... No, but why don't you give me your  number and if I feel like calling I will."

"Hmm, playing hard to get, are we now? Fair enough. Here," He said as he pulled out a sheet of paper with his number already on it and gave it to me. Without another word he walked away.

"Comes to the club with his phone number already written down... Sounds like a douche," I muttered as I stared at it.

 Soon enough I noticed that the bartender was there and ended up buying a few drinks.

Okay, a lot of drinks, but honestly it seemed like it was worth it at the time.

 I'm sad to say that the killer hangover I had the next day was definitely not worth it. On the plus side, I at least remembered what happened last night. And I never ended up being glued to the porcelain throne, so at least I wasn't completely hammered.

Having a cup of coffee definitely helped to distract me from my headache as I contemplated what to have for lunch since it was a bit too late for breakfast.

 A peanut butter and jelly sandwich seemed like the perfect option. I found that on mornings like this, I really didn't want to try to figure out how to make something like Mac'n Cheese.

Too. Much. Thinking.

Good lord, I need to stop partying.

 After getting over last night's consequences, I went out to run a few errands. I was running low on groceries and I needed to get a few more cook books.

 After returning home and putting  away the groceries, I called Sophie and invited her over for dinner. She was quick to agree seeing as how she couldn't cook to save her life. It's truly amazing that she's so thin considering all the food that she has to order or pick up. I've tried to teach her how to cook, but she just can't seem to do it.

 When I was done cooking the salmon I was planning on serving, Sophie walked through the door. "I swear that public transportation will be the death of me," She muttered. "'Oh yeah! I'll drive to to the subway station and then you can get another taxi,' give me a break. I don't have money for a subway ride and two taxis."

"Oh, the life of a writer. How do you live?" I mocked her.

"Hey now, I'm trying to get a book published, but nobody's biting. Stupid bitches don't know what good writing is."

I glanced at her. "I know a good publisher. I actually got a couple of mine published years ago. Want me to get you his number later?"

"That would be greatly appreciated, thank you."

"No problem."

 We sat down and started eating the salmon. "How are you so good at cooking?" Sophie asked between bites.

I shrugged. "It comes with practice."

"I need to get practicing," She muttered.

"That's the spirit!"

The rest of the dinner was silent except for a few words every now and then about random things like tomatoes and jet skis. Yes, we're rather interesting people.

Once we were finished we ended up on my couch. "So," Sophie said as she nudged me. "How did things go with Mr. Hottie last night?"

I shrugged. "He was alright... His name is Blake, by the way. He's into a few of the same things that I am and he gave me his number, but I highly doubt I'll call him."

"Why?" She asked in shock. "He gave you his number and not the other way around. He sounds nice!"

"Yes, after he asked me to sleep with him and give him my number. By the way, he was probably anticipating getting a girl last night because he already had his number written down."

"No guy is perfect, he probably just wasn't thinking clearly."

Mike was, I thought to myself. Gah! No, no thinking of Mike. I haven't seen him in years.

"I think you should call him," She said as she crossed her arms. "Give him a try, at least."

"Alright, fine. But if this goes horribly wrong I blame you."

"Fair enough."


Thanks for reading everybody! I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. What do you all think of Blake? And Sophie?

It's odd writing a legacy about little Miss. Laura, but I think I'm enjoying it so far, so I'd love to see what you all think. :)

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